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Tahoe Historic Pioneer Cemetery is located at 790 Alameda Avenue, South Lake Tahoe

The Cemetery's history

1866 – Thomas Rowland starts the town of Rowland Station & dedicated a plot of land for a cemetery

1908 – the land in Al Tahoe is deeded from A.R. Sprague, Sophronia Rowland & Fannie Barton to the Al Tahoe Company

1916 ‐ Al Tahoe Company transfers ownership W.J. Wallaceype your paragraph here.

1931 – W.J. Wallace transfers Al Tahoe property to W.J. Wallace & Company

1933 – W.J. Wallace & Company transfers Block 34 to Esther Heron, which includes the cemetery 

1946 – Esther Heron transfers Block 34 to Aram Harootunian, with said portion of block (Lots 2,3,4) reserved for use as a cemetery

1966 – Owners Aram Harootunian and his wife, Stella Harootunian, deeded Lots 2,3,4 in Block 34, i.e. Al Tahoe Historic Pioneer Cemetery, to the City of South Lake Tahoe – ownership confirmed in October of 2019, by the City Attorney

There are 12 remaining grave markers and 37 known burials.

The earliest burial was in 1861 & the last burial was in 1959.

Partners on the restoration of the Pioneer Cemetery

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