Our bookstore contains books on the history of Lake Tahoe as well as DVDs, CDs, postcards and gifts. We also have great children's historic souvenirs.....see more


We have the Al Tahoe History walking tour and are in the process of developing other historic areas with walking tours. A great way to experience history! ...see more

Lake Tahoe Historical Society

Our museum is a must see on your South Lake Tahoe trip, or if you're a resident and want to know more. We have artifacts, movies, bookstore....see more

Our members enjoy three newsletters a year full of historic information, original stories and other information.  They also receive discounts....see more

Lake Tahoe History Museum  530.541.5458

Preserving Tahoe's History

The oldest standing commercial building in South Lake Tahoe is located at the museum!  The Osgood Toll House is packed full of history ......see more

The Lake Tahoe Historical Society and Museum have events all year long from our famous Fireside Chats to children's History Camps. Check out our schedule...see more